Testing and Development

Testing and Development

Reliable, Robust Solutions

Automation Station has been prominently recognized for providing advanced engineering and software development services in the Rio Grande Valley. Our extensive Testing and Development services are a critical element of our ability to provide our customers with complete, start to finish services. With over 12 development test sites, Automation Station Test and Development services support a full range of automotive and power generation applications.

Automation Station’s development test cells are capable of providing climate controlled combustion air, high speed data acquisition, alternate fuel capabilities and emissions testing. Our advanced control systems provide a high degree of accuracy and repeatability in testing results, easy access to the control parameters, and quick analysis of engine and combustion data. Programs can be developed to provide a wide variety of testing, including: power, mapping, emissions and combustion.

Automation Station’s test facilities offer turnkey services, with on-site engineering personnel, technical support staff, electronics technicians, mechanical and fabrication support, and complete warehousing capabilities.

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